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Lecture with Dr. Yaella Depietri

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Dr. Yaella Depietri

The Technion Socio-Ecological Systems Research Group

Forest Fire Risk Reduction:

Towards an Integrated Fire Management Approach in Haifa

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 14:00



(At the Center, Room 1013, Terrace building, University of Haifa (see map



Forest fires in Mediterranean ecosystems are increasingly affecting the wildland-urban interface.  In these regions, the proximity of high concentrations of people and buildings to fire-prone open spaces leads to significant losses, posing new challenges for dealing with fire risk. We contribute to the literature on fire risk reduction at the wildland urban interface with three unique studies applied to the city of Haifa. First, we define fire regulating services and disservices in open spaces and assess them in relation to land use changes which occurred in the Haifa-Carmel region. The objective is to improve biophysical and economic assessments of ecosystem services related to fire risk and steer integrated approaches towards reducing fire risk. Next we investigated actual and potential conflicts arising between the aesthetic preferences of Haifa inhabitants to unmanaged forested areas and the need to implement fuel management practices to reduce fire risk in these same areas. Finally we suggest how, at the wildland-urban interface, understanding and adapting to fire risk requires combining and mediating between two cultures of fire risk: one which addresses fire risk in the urban setting, in and around buildings, and one designed to deal with fires in the open forest. We conclude that in a mosaic of land-uses such as Haifa, a hybrid approach to fire risk is required. 

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 Lecture is available on YouTube


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