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Agnon, A. Et Al.: ASPEL: Autonomous Smart Portable Emergency Lodgings - Reserve Quarantine & Infirmaries

Prof. Amotz Agnon

Autonomous smart portable emergency lodgings (ASPEL) can provide portable solutions to the spread of a pandemic such as COVID-19. This idea started as a remedy for the uprooted in the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake, and it has advantages specific for epidemics. We will develop autonomous and portable units for lodging of individuals, families, and communities. Such technologically advanced units can be deployed quickly and do not need infrastructures. Hence they can be dynamically mobilized according to changing needs. Each unit has the capacity to generate energy (solar), produce potable water (condensation), and recycle waste (free of sewage installations).

The units can be readily sterilized by moderate heat pulses. Further disinfection will be provided by opening the roof to sunshine where applicable.
Mobilizing such ALEQT will allow the authorities to address the changing needs of the population according to the poorly predictable spreading trajectories of the epidemic (in the country and between countries). The mobility alleviates the need to consider the long term effects on the local environment and the limitations set by adherence to regulations. Portable autonomous lodgings can be useful in a verity of emergency situations such as nuclear disasters and radioactive contamination, and damage to water and energy resources.

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