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Picard (2018). Disaster management, risk reduction and international disaster response laws in the Commonwealth

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Mary Picard. Disaster management, risk reduction andinternational disaster response laws in the Commonwealth, Commonwealth Law Bulletin (2018), DOI:10.1080/03050718.2017.1439362


This paper considers the existence and use of disaster risk management lawsacross the Commonwealth. It commences by considering approaches to risk management and disaster response. It reviews international and regional dis-aster law, policy and tools. The paper examines national disaster risk man-agement laws through the lens of a typology of laws, based on thecomplexity and scope of the disaster risk reduction and response system. It makes recommendations for Commonwealth countries relating to review of disaster laws, implementation of international frameworks, and the inclusionof disaster risk reduction, recovery, climate change, quality standards and the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence in disaster laws.