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Insurance, Thresholds, and Mechanisms for Post Disaster Resilience

Avigail Newman and Itay Fishhendler


Despite the prevalence of weather-related agricultural crop insurance, until now there has been no conceptual framework created to understand the determination of insurance thresholds. This report fills this gap with the creation of an archetype for determining insurance thresholds. After comparing the three primary sectors protected by insurance for weather-related events (agriculture, tourism, and urbanism), the researchers analyze the primary elements that compose agricultural crop insurance, as well as variables relevant to the establishment of insurance thresholds. The researchers suggest that the archetype- including the variables and mechanisms that influence crop insurance- be publicized in an accessible manner among insuring and insured parties.

Final report 

See publication:
Newman Cohen, Avigail & Fishhendler, Itay. (2022). An archetype for insurance thresholds for extreme natural events in the agricultural sector. Climate Risk Management, 100434.