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Whitehouse R. (2017, Aug 24). Interview with ‘Virtual Terror’ Author Daniel Wagner

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Whitehouse R. (2017, Aug 24). Interview with ‘Virtual Terror’ Author Daniel Wagner. International Policy Digest. Retrieved from


Daniel Wagner is the Founder of Country Risk Solutions and Managing Director of Risk Cooperative. He has three decades of experience managing cross-border risk, including 15 years of underwriting experience with AIG, GE, the Asian Development Bank, and World Bank Group. Daniel has lectured at more than 15 universities around the world, is a regular speaker at conferences, and a frequent commentator on global affairs in visual media.

He has authored four books – Virtual Terror, Global Risk Agility and Decision Making (co-authored), Managing Country Risk, and Political Risk Insurance Guide — and has published more than 500 articles on current affairs and risk management in a plethora of platforms.

Following the release of his latest book, Virtual Terror, I reached out to Wagner to talk about his book and cybersecurity in general. Our interview, conducted over email, has been edited for flow, is below.