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2018-2021 Center research

Center COVID-19 Research see here

2020-2021 research

Using Twitter for near real-time alerts and damage analysis of natural hazards in Israel and its close surrounding

Towards an Israeli doctrine and legislative-regulative framework dealing with emergencies

Implications of the fire that destroyed the village of Mevo Modiim in May 2019

Research and knowledge gaps assessment, 2021 

For details about 2018 gaps (in Hebrew) see here

The outcome of this assessment led to the Center’s internal calls for proposals, prioritization, and the research projects chosen for support:

Research 2018-2020

Cascading Effects in Disaster Risk Science: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives - Special Issue of International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Robust preparedness against surprises in extreme events: Multi-site fires and earthquakes

Natural Hazards and Moral Hazards: Understanding the Insurance Coverage Limit

Insurance, Thresholds, and Mechanisms for Post Disaster Resilience

Managing the Nation and its Citizens During Times of Crisis: An assessment of national resilience, public trust, and the performance of government and bureaucratic institutions during the COVID-19 crisis and during non-crisis times

Developing local resilience and planning urban spaces in times of emergency: A multi-disciplinary study comparing preparedness for extreme weather conditions to preparedness for conflict

Planning Provisional Accommodation for Uprooted Communities - The Twilight Zone: Provisional Housing after Earthquakes