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Swords of Iron - the war with Gaza - 2023

למידע נוסף בעברית לחצו כאן

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Some of the Center research in the last years is relevant to dealing with the war with Gaza and its aftermath. See list below. 

In addition to the research knowledge accumulated at the center, the center will be happy to assist the restoration efforts as much as possible. Relevant capabilities of the center for the rehabilitation process include:

  • Multidisciplinary consultation on issues related to policy, social rehabilitation, economic rehabilitation, and planning by researchers from a variety of institutions and fields with an understanding of emergency and rehabilitation issues.
  • Responding to specific research requests in a short time frame. For example, in December 2022, a review of literature and content from around the world regarding national planning to mitigate the effects of heat waves was ordered by the National Emergency Authority. The report was submitted to NEMA (National Emergency Management Authority - רח"ל) within about a month.
  • Ability to conduct a formative evaluation that will accompany the rehabilitation process; accompanying the restoration efforts in real time and indicating directions to improve the process as it evolves.
  • Ability to assist in measuring rehabilitation, resilience, and the development of society in the area that was affected by October 7 events during the rehabilitation process, including recommendations for a legal and regulatory framework.

Relevant research at the Center

Towards an Israeli doctrine and legislative-regulative framework dealing with emergencies

Planning Provisional Accommodation for Uprooted Communities - The Twilight Zone: Provisional Housing after Earthquakes

Managing the Nation and its Citizens During Times of Crisis: An assessment of national resilience, public trust, and the performance of government and bureaucratic institutions during the COVID-19 crisis and during non-crisis times

Managing the COVID-19 Epidemic Locally: A birdseye view of the challenges faced by local governments, local responses, and the differential local needs of municipalities in Israel (Dr. Danielle Zeichik)

Evaluating the Success of Local Authorities in Israel in Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 (Prof. Itai Beeri)

Building public resilience and trust in times of Coronavirus global pandemic hazards: An integrative approach of citizens within society (Prof Shlomo Mizrahi)

Predictors of Community and National Resilience Throughout The COVID-19 Epidemic (Prof. Shaul Kimhi)

Measuring resilience: indicator-based tool for measuring regional resilience in localities in Israel (focused on population under security threat in the Gaza strip) (on-going)

Regulatory and Policy Frameworks for a Mid and Long-term Recovery after a Major Earthquake (on-going)