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Other Partners

Side by side with the core institutions taking part in the Center, other partners are integral team members in it: the Municipality of Haifa, amd two NGOs: NATAN International Humanitarian Aid, and the Israeli School of Humanitarian Aid. These partners help develop needs assessments, research agendas, and serve as Beta sites. 

Municipality of Haifa

Being the home municipality of two of the core institutions of the Center, and considering it's vast experience with emergency situations - missiles attacks, as well as big fire events, the municipality of Haifa is a natural partner of the Center.

Specifically involved are: Yair Zilberman: director of the Safety and Emergency Department, Israel Ben Shalom: Director, Bureau of Municipal corporations of Haifa (i.e. fire, sewage, water, environment, metro, development), Meira Kiperman, director of Social Work and Welfare Department, Rivi Shani - head of the Psychological Services, Dorit Bar David - head of Family Department & Center for Treatment & Prevention of Domestic Violence, and Michal Dvir - CIO (Chief Information Officer).

NATAN International Humanitarian Aid

NATAN International Humanitarian Aid is an experienced NGO with 13 years of expertise in Disaster and Emergency Management in areas of natural and man-made disasters around the world (Sri Lanka, Georgia, Haiti, Philippines, Nepal, Refugees in Europe).

Natan – International Humanitarian Aid is a registered association which leads and coordinates a coalition of Israeli relief NGOs. The function of this coalition is to assist communities facing humanitarian crisis around the world. Natan specializes in relief aid and rehabilitation in the fields of medical emergency, trauma and post-trauma treatment and community development and resiliency. It responds at a short notice to major humanitarian crises by sending professional aid delegations to the field, utilizing the joint capacities and the complementary expertise of the member organizations.

The various NATAN’s professional departments  will contribute with their knowledge and experience, among them : Dr Eitan Shachar – Phd Social work, Dr Sharon Shaul- MD, Gal Yoffe – M.A. Emergency Management, etc.

Daniel (Danny) Kahn - Chair

The Israeli School of Humanitarian Aid

Since its founding, Israeli aid agencies – both Civil and Governmental - have acquired vast, world-class knowledge and experience in needs assessment, partnership development and aid delivery. Till now, this rich knowledge and experience has been randomly applied.

The Israeli School of Humanitarian Aid believe that Israel's untapped potential must be taken forward to consolidate, optimize and expand.

Moreover, new international standards based on the experience and insights in disasters like those of Haiti and Fukushima disasters require standardization within the Israeli context.

The Israeli School of Humanitarian Aid has been established in 2016 within Eco-Encounter Study Institute to contribute to the consolidation and growth of Israeli Humanitarian Aid for these purposes. The school’s objectives are:

  1. 1. Train and consult to groups and organizations.
  2. 2. Create a framework for collaboration, study, research and new thinking.
  3. 3. Elevate awareness and consciousness of Humanitarian Aid amongst young people and professionals in relevant fields, and through influencing Israeli policy makers.
  4. 4. Create a hub for local and international relationships with organizations, academic institutes and leading actors in the field.

Einav Levi - founder and manager