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International workshop and conference on:

Cascading Disasters: Theory, Methods and Empirics

Technion, Israel, November 28-29, 2018

Background: The intention of this workshop is to address the topic from multi-disciplinary perspectives, including, but not limited to, approaches based in hazards engineering and planning, social and environmental sciences and policy, sociology and social work, public health and emergency medicine, computational modelling and economics.

Modern disasters tend to have domino effects: natural emergencies can develop into anthropogenic crises and the network structure of the economy means that post-crisis equilibria are rarely stable. This tight inter-connectivity of disaster situations is fertile ground for new exploration in terms of theory, methods and empirics of disaster science. In terms of theory, cascading disasters call for use of non-linear models, complex and adaptive systems to tackle to the challenges of disasters with reciprocal and feedback loops. In terms of methods, cascading disasters call for approaches that distinguish between direct and indirect effects, first order and second order influences, identification and causality. In terms of empirics; recent disasters have generated multiple opportunities for studying the domino effects of disasters ranging from the 2011 Great East Japan tsunmai and Fukoshima disaster, through the Icelandic volcanic ash crises that affected Europe in 2010, and on to Superstorm Sandy (2012).

This workshop is jointly sponsored by National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness (NKRCER) and the dim2sea research project and will take place on November 28 and 29, 2018 at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel.

On November 28 we will hold a workshop where both international and Israeli scholars will present papers and discuss research with the intention of fostering collaboration, and hope to publish the workshop papers in an appropriate international venue. It will be open to all Center researchers and partners.

On November 29 there will be a half day larger conference open to Israeli stakeholders and the public, followed by a half day tour of disaster readiness installations in Haifa.

Cascading Disasters: Theory, Methods and Empirics - Agenda

Cascading Disasters: Theory, Methods and Empirics -  תכנית הסדנה והכנס

אוניברסיטת חיפה, שד' אבא חושי 199, הר הכרמל, חיפה, 3498838
University of Haifa, 199 Aba Khoushy Ave. Mount Carmel, Haifa Israel, 3498838
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Supported by: The Israel Ministry of Science and Technology The National Emergency Management Authority, Ministry of Defense