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Sharon Shoshany Tavory

Sharon Shoshany Tavory is an expert in analysis and systems engineering of resilient cyber-physical systems. Her multidisciplinary capabilities were acquired during her 30+ years of industrial career as senior manager and developer mainly of defense and transportation systems. Her current research agenda includes (1) sustainable transportation where she was active in several ITS IL projects, lead several research projects of the Technion Transportation Research Center, and investigates social network based initiatives;  (2) systems engineering research where she managed an academia-industry program at the Gordon Center for Systems Engineering; and (3) Attack surface analysis of cyber physical systems where she developed a contemporary model based method, for risk and mitigation analysis. As an adjunct lecturer she mentors master’s students in the Technion systems engineering program.

Sharon holds an undergraduate and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion IL. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Management in Haifa University, on the topic of self-organized ridesharing initiatives.