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Felsenstein, Daniel

Daniel Felsenshtein




Daniel Felsenstein  (Hebrew University) – Social Science; Public Policy

I am professor and department chair in the Department of  Geography, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My research interests lie in the area of modeling urban resilience to disasters (natural and anthropogenic). This work uses the tool box of spatial econometrics and agent based modeling in order to understand how cities recover from unanticipated shocks, whether they 'bounce back' to their previous equilibrium or a new state and just how stable these new conditions are.

I am principle investigator on a research project entitled  "Increasing Urban Resilience to Large Scale Disasters: The Development of a Dynamic Integrated Model for Disaster Management and Socio-Economic Analysis"( funded under the  Israel-Japan Scientific Cooperation Program “ICT for a Resilient Society”. Within this project my research group has developed a dynamic agent based simulation model capable of calculating the medium to long term effects of disasters in terms of  land use change, land price change, population change, labor market outcomes and change in urban morphology (CBD shifting etc).

Since 2012 I have published 9 papers and book chapters in peer-reviewed outlets on the topic of urban resilience in the aftermath of natural hazards and disasters. At present I am editing a special issue of the journal, International Journal of Disaster Risk Research (IJDRR), Elsevier, on the topic of Simulating Urban Resilience to Disasters, due to appear in 2018.

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Link to Dynamic Integrated Model for Disaster Management and Socio-Economic Analysis (DIM2SEA) site