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Levy, Einav


Einav Levy is the Founding Director of The Israeli School of Humanitarian Aid. He is a manager and entrepreneur with a profound experience in the interface between the Non-Profit sector and the business, governmental, social and academic sectors, and expertise in Humanitarian Aid. Eianv was a COO in an organization, which promote development in Africa, a CEO of NGO dealing with International Humanitarian Aid, and was a founding member of SID-ISRAEL (Society of International Development) and a member of its first board. Einav led Humanitarian and social missions in countries such as Jordan, Haiti, Serbia, Zambia, Greece and Uganda.

Einav holds a Master's degree in Management of Emergency and Disasters situations from Tel Aviv University, and currently completing his Ph.D in Behavioral Medicine in the Liberal University of Brussels. His main academic work is focused on health and behavior among population at risk, Migrants and Minorities. Einav is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Pediatric Diseases (JPedD).