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Zarsky, Tal

Tal Zarsky (University of Haifa) - Law

Prof. Tal Zarsky is the Vice Dean of the University of Haifa's Faculty of Law. His research focuses on Information Privacy, Cyber-Security, Internet Policy, Social Network and Telecommunications Law. He published numerous articles and book chapters in the U.S., Europe and Israel. His work is often cited in a variety of contexts related to law in the digital age. He has advised various Israeli regulators, legislators and commercial entities on related matters. He severed on a variety of advisory boards and is a frequent evaluator of articles and research grants for various international foundations. He earned a joint B.A. degree (law and psychology) at the Hebrew University with high honors and his master degree (in law) from Columbia University as well as his doctorate dissertation, which focused on Data Mining in the Internet Society.

Among others, Prof. Zarsky’s work and current interests include an assessment and analysis of the need and way to regulate critical infrastructure so to limit cyber risks at the time of emergencies and disasters. In addition, he examines the privacy implications of identification databases (such as those including biometric information) and mechanisms set in place to provide relief and assistance to disaster survivors. He also strives to identify the optimal telecommunications policies which will facilitate the structuring of sustainable communications infrastructures and networks which will support post-disaster communications.