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Weinberg, Michael

Michael Weinberg (University of Haifa) – Welfare and Social Work

Michael Weinberg, Ph.D. is a Lecturer and the head of the M.A and Supplementary studies in School of Social Work, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, University of Haifa. In addition he is the head of the trauma social work specialization in the MA program. His research focuses on exploring the coping process with stress and trauma (e.g. terror attacks, traumatic events, war etc.). Within this line of work he examined the survivor, the spouse, their bidirectional relationships and the general population. His research also focuses on the secondary trauma experienced by therapists and undergraduate students providing psychological and emotional assistance to trauma survivors. In addition, he is involved in research projects which are aimed at exploring the traumatic bereavement trajectories following a traumatic and violent death of a child. Michael Weinberg has published over 20 articles in peer reviewed journals and book chapters concerning coping with trauma and stress.