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Vigoda-Gadot, Eran

Eran Vigoda Gadot

Eran Vigoda-Gadot (University of Haifa) - Social Sciences Group head (also in Public Policy)

Eran Vigoda-Gadot is Professor of Public Administration and Management at the School of Political Science, The University of Haifa, Israel. He serves as the Dean of the Herta and Paul Amir faculty of Social Sciences and founder of the Center for Public Management and Policy (CPMP).  Vigoda-Gadot is of the leading public administration and management researchers in Israel and well-recognized internationally. He expertises in the management of the public sector and his book (co-authored with Prof. Shlomo Mizrahi) on "Managing Democracies in Turbulent Times" was published with Springer (2014). As part of his research interests Vigoda-Gadot deals with threats and challenges to the administration of modern democracies in times of major risks and global rapid changes in a series of political, economical, natural and technological field. The major thesis behind his work is that managing modern nations becomes a greater challenge over the years with the increased likelihood to disasters and emergency events sourcing in a variety of reasons.

Vigoda-Gadot is the author and coauthor of more than 170 articles and book chapters, 11 books and symposiums as well as many other scholarly presentations and working papers. His studies were funded by the Israeli science foundation, the European Community Program, and the German-Israeli Foundation, to name only few. He was awarded for Excellency by the Academy of Management Association and by other associations and publishing houses for his studies and publications over the years. Vigoda-Gadot is member of several national and international consulting committees working closely with public institutions and local municipalities on topics related with managing democracies in times of change and  risks to social orderand also serves in various scientific associations and Boards in Europe and in North America that deal with these challenges.He presented his work in many universities globally.