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Tubi, Amit

Amit Tubi

Amit Tubi  (Hebrew University) – Environment; Public Policy

I am a geographer studying the interaction between society and the natural environment. My work explores the social, political, economic and institutional dimensions linked with processes of global environmental change and the environmental policy issues associated with such changes. My research examines how certain social groups become vulnerable to climate change and climate disasters, how they adapt to the adverse impacts of climatic perturbations and how institutions affect the vulnerability and adaptation of societies to climate shocks. I study the associated questions in multiple contexts and environments - from resource-dependent communities in drought-prone areas to metropolitan regions suffering from frequent flooding. My work on climate-society interactions builds on my background and research in physical geography. In this field, I focus on synoptic climatology, particularly the effect of large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns on environmental phenomena such as flash floods, extreme temperatures and dust outbreaks.