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Nouman, Hani

Hani Nouman

Hani Nouman (University of Haifa) – Welfare and Social Work

Hani Nouman, PhD, is a senior member of staff at the School of Social Work at the University of Haifa.  She is a community social worker, certified group facilitator, and lecturer, and has extensive practical experience in the field of community interventions in stress and crisis situations. 

Her main area of research is communities and policy change. Her studies include psychosocial assessment of communities coping with stress and crises while examining the involvement of practitioners to strengthen and empower these communities. In her research, Dr.  Nouman focuses on assessing the need for policy change, the effectiveness of decision-making processes in professional interventions, and the involvement of practitioners in social policy shaping processes. From this perspective, her research is application-oriented, intended to address social problems in the community, and to advance necessary social change required in emergency situations. Dr. Nouman has published articles in leading international journals and supervises graduate students in these fields.

Alongside her academic activity, Dr. Nouman has been a practitioner in this field for many years. Among other roles, she has been a community social worker in interventions in emergency, stress, and crisis situations, has coordinated community and volunteering in the public welfare services, facilitated groups on the subject, has mentored practitioners, and currently serves as a voluntary consultant on these matters in various communities.