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Kliger, Doron

Doron Kliger is a Faculty Member at the Department of Economics, the University of Haifa, Israel. While at the US, he has been associated with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Currently, Kliger is the Chair of the department and serves as an Academic Member of the Israel Association of Actuaries (IAA). He also serves as a consultant in economics, finance and accounting issues. Kliger's past employment included auditing and reviewing professional material at the Kesselman & Kesselman (PricewaterhouseCoopers Israel) CPA office.

Kliger's research domain, concisely defined, is microeconomics and finance, focusing on behavioral economics (BE), most prominently, behavioral aspects of decision making. The goal of his agenda is exploring actual decision making, i.e., linking the body of knowledge accomplished at the lab to real life situations. For that purpose, Kliger's research employs real data, with attention to field- and natural-experiments.

Psychological processes, heuristics, and biases play key stage in BE. Doron Kliger's research, therefore, dedicates attention to their empirical investigation, e.g., priming effects; reliance on past performance and reference points; projection bias; overconfidence; availability heuristic; Attribution Theory; and Cumulative Prospect Theory.

University of Haifa

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