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Inbar, Moshe

Moshe Inbar

Moshe Inbar  (University of Haifa ) – Social Science; Environment

Moshe Inbar is a Prof. Emeritus at the Geography and Environmental Studies Department at the University of Haifa. His research focus is Fluvial Geomorphology and Natural Disasters. He conducted and published research studies on volcanic eruptions (Hudson, Puyehue- southern Andes, Tolbachik-Kamchatka) tsunami (Thailand 2004, Chile 2010) landslides ( Puebla-Mexico 1999) floods (Jordan river 1969, 2003, Ambato river, Argentina, 2013)

He is the Co editor of DESASTRES NATURALES EN LATINO AMERICA (2002), as well as NATURAL DISASTERS IN ISRAEL (2007,2016). He has about 20 publications in international journals on the topic and many other activities (conferences, scientific adviser, teaching)In addition, he established a Website on Natural disasters in Israel- data base from 1948-2017 (see: