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Hyams, Gila

Gila Hyams (Rambam Health Care Campus;  Technion) – Public Health and Emergency Medicine

Mrs. Gila Hyams has been Director of The Teaching Center for Trauma, Emergency and Mass Casualty Situations (MCS) at Rambam Health Care Campus since 1999 and is the Trauma Coordinator of Rambam’s Trauma Unit. She is the Director of Nursing at Rambam since 2015.
Mrs. Hyams received her BA (RN) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Assaf Harofe Medical Center School of Nursing, Tzrifin in 1990, followed by an MA in Nursing from Tel Aviv University (2002) and a Diploma in Medical Services Administration for Senior Staff from the University of Haifa (2002).
Mrs. Hyams has coordinated for 13 international courses on developing and organizing a trauma system and MCS organization. In addition, she has organized and led workshops and courses to further development of local emergency and trauma systems in Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Puerto Rico, U.S.A., Chile, India, and Thailand. In April 2005, Mrs. Hyams coordinated a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Mass Casualty Situations held in Haifa, Israel. Since then two other NATO courses were held at Rambam, one in November, 2009 and another in November, 2014. The latter course focused on Hospitals under Fire—Operating Hospitals under Extreme Circumstances.
Among her public activities, Mrs. Hyams is a member of the Israel National Trauma Council and has collaborated with the Israel Trauma Society in organizing eight Definitive Surgical Trauma Care (DSTC) Courses. She also established and organized the Israeli Trauma Mass Casualty Nursing Courses