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Gueron, Shay

Shay Gueron (University of Haifa) - Engineering, Technology and Planning;  Public Health and Emergency Medicine

Shay Gueron is an Associate Professor of mathematics at the University of Haifa, Israel. He was also an Intel Senior Principal Engineer, serving as Intel’s Senior  Cryptographer (2005-2017). His interests include cryptography, security and algorithms. He is now a Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services.

Shay is responsible for some of Intel processors’ instructions such as AES-NI, PCLMULQDQ and coming VPMADD52, and for various micro-architectural features that speed up cryptographic algorithms. He contributed software to open source libraries (OpenSSL, NSS), with significant performance gains for symmetric encryption, public key algorithms and hashing. He was one of the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology architects, in charge of its cryptographic definition and implementation, and the inventor of the Memory Encryption Engine. He is a co-author of AES-GCM-SIV, a nonce misuse resistant authenticated encryption mode, which is now being considered as an internet draft by the IETF.  Shay is interested in data integrity and recovery technologies, that still preserve sensitive data privacy. Such techniques can be considered as acceptable safeguards in cases of a cyber-disaster.