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Carmon, Naomi

Naomi Carmon

Naomi Carmon (Technion) - Engineering, Technology and Planning

Naomi Carmon is a Professor with the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. She is an urban planner and a sociologist, a teacher, a researcher and a consultant. She served as President of Israel Sociological Society, holder of the Technion Chair for Urban and Regional Planning, Head of the Technion Graduate Program for Urban and Regional Planning and head of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies. Her academic writings include books (in English and Hebrew) and more than 200 articles, chapters, research reports and other publications, mainly in the following areas: social issues in urban and regional planning, urban resilience, evaluation of broad-aim plans, housing policy, urban regeneration, quality of life of minorities and immigrants, and also water-sensitive urban planning and sustainable management of stormwater. Her research and consulting work were commissioned by research foundations, governmental ministries, municipalities, other public bodies and NGOs. Among her current research works are:

  • Housing and community preparedness to earthquakes in peripheral towns in Israel, with Yechiel Rosenfeld, Tami Gavrieli, Inna Burstein and Doron Asis
  • Sustainable management of stormwater, including flood mitigation, with Tali Alon-Mozes, michelle Portman, Shula Golden and Nadav Shapira
  • Measuring urban resilience in urban localities in Israel, with Amnon Frenkel and Aya Dolev
  • Practices of urban resilience: learning from the experience of selected cities and towns, with Romy Couriel