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Kirschenbaum, Avi

Avi Kirschenbaum (Technion, retired) - Risk Assessment and Management

Professor Kirschenbaum is a world renowned expert in the field of disaster risk management, transportation security and a popular lecturer, author and advisor to governments, public institutions and security-safety related companies. He has appeared as a keynote speaker at international conferences.
He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Neaman Institute for National Policy Research at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and the initiator and coordinator of The BEMOSA consortium, (Behavioral Modeling for Security in Airports) a 15 partner Europe-wide research project aimed at improving security in airports. He also is a participating partner in PsyCris (Psycho-Social Support in Crisis Management) focusing on contingency planning, an EU project dealing with mass disasters and its psychosocial consequences as well as senior research consultant to Israel's "Making Cities Resilient" program. He is affiliated with the Haifa University graduate program for Emergency Management and the founder and CEO of Kirschenbaum Consulting.
As well as authoring dozens of scientific journal articles and book chapters, he has served on the editorial boards of leading international journals, on executive boards of International Research Committees, international academic associations and past director of research to the Population Behavior Section, Israel’s Northern region Home Front Command. He was involved in a Canadian Department of Defense-funded project and is now co-heading an Israel Ministry of Science research agenda on preparing populations for earthquakes.