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Koren, Chaya

Chaya Koren (University of Haifa) - Social Work and Welfare group

Chaya Koren, PhD, is Lecturer of Social Work and research fellow at the Center of the Study of Society at the University of Haifa. She is the recipient of a research grant from the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) (2011-2014). Her research interests include late life marital relationships (e.g. late-life repartnering), intergenerational relationships in the family, forgiveness, ageism and the role of social work with older populations. The welfare of older persons in society and their family members at times of disasters such as war and terror attacks serve as cases in point. Dr. Koren is co-author (with Dr. Band-Winterstein) of an article and book chapter on how professional workers with older persons experienced a shared reality of war with their clients during the Second Lebanon War including implications for practice. Dr. Koren is also interested in methodological issues in qualitative research such as dyadic and family units and the construction of typologies. She published over 20 articles in peer reviewed journals and book chapters. Koren used to work as a social work practitioner with families and older members of society in various social welfare organizations.