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International webinar: COVID-19 Impacts and Takeaways for Policy and Planning

International COVID 27 10 21

Learning from Others’ Disasters? A Comparative Study of SARS/MERS and COVID-19 Responses in Five Polities (Singapore, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel) - Prof. Deborah Shmueli, University of Haifa

The Impact of Corona on Wellbeing - Prof. Eran Feitelson, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Towards an Israeli Doctrine and Legislative-Regulative Framework Dealing with Emergencies - Prof. Eli Salzberger, University of Haifa

Simulating Covid-19 Contagion in Cities - Prof. Daniel Felsenstein, Dr. Yair Grinberger and Amir Kahal, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

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