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Nissim Levi, Ori

Or Nissim Levi

Colonel (reserves) Dr. Ori Nissim LEVI is an expert in Nuclear Defense, PhD at BBU Cluj University, Faculty of Political Science European Studies, in managing nuclear risks at a governmental level. His research specialization in preparations for nuclear incidents, coping during incident and national rehabilitation after. He has a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineer from Hofstra University, NY, USA, an MBA in Business specializing in Economics from Bradford University, UK. Dr. Levi has a high level of business and security experience, served in the high-tech companies Lon-On, ACS, trained companies in the field of ISO 9000 Quality Standards and established the CPK start-up in the field of decision-making process. An active Colonel (Reserves) in the Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command, serving in operational roles and responsible for the construction of large-scale exercises in emergency areas such as earthquakes, tsunamis, war, conventional and non-conventional weapons. He is a member of AFNA - Academic Forum for Nuclear Awareness. A field researcher of nuclear events around the world such as Chernobyl and Fukushima. In the course of his research, he developed the international nuclear defense model: ONDM - Operational Nuclear Defense Model (<> ).

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