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NATAN-International Humanitarian Aid

Abbie Natan's generosity of spirit knew no boundaries. His sense of responsibility for the human race extended beyond social norms, and transcended traditional limitations. Whether it was landing his plane in Egypt prior to any peace treaty, or delivering humanitarian assistance in war-torn countries like Cambodia or Biafra—Abbie lived a life of "outside of the box," coupled with bold action.
Inspired by Abbie's life's work and legacy, the Natan organization was founded in2004 to build upon Abbie's work and provide relief to the world's most vulnerable and destitute communities.
NATAN'S MISSION is to save lives and rebuild communities during times of disaster and atrocity, and their aftermath. It’s VISION is to respond without delay to global disasters, and serve as an Israeli address in providing effective and quality relief and rehabilitation services.
WHAT MAKES NATAN UNIQUE is that it brings together Israel's top disaster response experts and deploy first-responder teams within 48 hours of the disaster; it is volunteer-led, and it provides humanitarian assistance in locations that are most difficult to access, and to populations that in most critical need. In addition, Natan integrates different professional disciplines into its strategies (e.g., medical and psychological) while partnering with local expertise to ensure high impact and immediate relevancy.
NATAN sees the emergency response phase as the first step in a longer-term rehabilitation strategy. It remains on the ground long after other emergency aid organizations have packed up and left and it is a proofing ground for new strategies in the field of disaster relief.