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NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief

NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief is as an all-volunteer Israeli aid organization with 17 years of experience in global operations. NATAN's missions include disaster relief and recovery, emergency dental care for underprivileged populations, and medical and psychosocial aid for refugees fleeing areas of strife around the globe. The organization’s goal is to help survivors of natural and human-made disaster rebuild their lives with dignity, wherever they may be. NATAN’s team of 850 experienced professional volunteers include medical doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health workers, social workers, logistics experts, and teachers, all prepared to deploy at a moment’s notice. NATAN’s model of small, multidisciplinary teams enables rapid deployment, able to arrive on the scene within 72 hours of an event. NATAN is collaborative in nature, working together with international NGOs and local communities throughout the world. NATAN was founded in 2004, inspired by the Israeli humanitarian activist Abie Nathan.

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