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Smadar Amir

Smadar Amir 1

Smadar Amir is the information coordinator of the National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness. She handles the Center’s resources and writes the monthly review ("This months’ pick").
Smadar received her M.Sc in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technion and her B.A in Education and Geography from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She worked as an urban planner in The Israeli Institute of Transportation Planning and Research, and was a member of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Transportation Master Plan team.
After several years abroad Smadar returned to the Technion and took the position of Administrative Coordinator of the European 4 years’ project “EU-COST 1305: Social Networks and Travel Behaviour”. She was part of the research team and editorial assistant of the Edited book published later. She participated in several research projects in The Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in the Technion. Now she is the Administrative coordinator of EU-COST 18234.
During her years abroad she studied Complementary Therapy and took part in several social projects. Today she volunteers in Maccabi Health services.