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Gal Horowitz

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Gal Horowitz completed his MA in Emergency Medicine at the Ben Gurion University Community Health Professions School and his Bachelor of Health Administration at the Ariel University School of Health Sciences in Samaria.
He completed advanced emergency management training for government offices provided by the Israeli National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) and the I.D.F's Home Front Command.
Gal also completed Courses in fire safety and hazardous materials as well as the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Medical Corps Middle Eastern Program of Interventional Epidemiology Training.

Since June 2018, Gal has been serving as the Southern District Emergency Officer at the Israeli Ministry of Health, where he coordinates and supervises emergency preparedness in community Medical Services, and leads the preparation of population (1.6 Million Citizens, 18% of Israeli Population) and health compilations in local authorities in the Southern District of Israel (Approximately two-thirds of the State of Israel) .

From 2015 to 2018, Gal served as Deputy Chief of Emergency Preparedness in the H.M.O's Medical Division and assisted in the development and preparation of "Meuhedet" Health Fund for it's 1.2 million insured clients (13% from the population of Israel).

In recent years, Gal’s academic interests have focused on developing the research and best practices for responding to special populations and patients with special needs, preparing institutions and emergency health organizations, responding to health and well-being for populations, and responding to the evacuating and vacuated populations in various emergency and disaster situations.

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