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Consortium on Youth/Children in Prolonged Crisis

Consortium Chair and Founder: Dr. Adar Ben-Eliyahu
Prolonged crisis is an abnormal situation in which people experience emergency situations on a regular basis - as the residents of Southern Israel have experienced for many years. The situation of prolonged crisis has long-term consequences.
The Consortium on Youth/Children in Prolonged Crisis is comprised of researchers together with practitioners who seek to study various aspects of youth and children in routine emergency and encourage discussion among practitioners and academics to promote the well-being of young people in high-risk areas.
The consortium members believe it is of great importance to raise public awareness and political-public agendas to discuss the short and long-term functional and personal dangers of young people living in prolonged emergency. We believe that fruitful discussions between field staff and academics will help improve the resilience and functioning of young people in high-risk areas. The central question of the consortium is what can be done to enable these young people to proper development and long-term thriving in light of the long-term dangers of living under prolonged crisis. To this end, we must deepen our understanding of the different realms of knowledge to create a synergy between the accumulated knowledge from the field work of clinicians and educators and the body of research knowledge on the subject.

The purpose of the consortium is to identify knowledge gaps and to propose future research directions. In addition, field-based work will be examined and characterized to identify the need for assistance.
During the years 2018-2020, the consortium will convene several times.
The upcoming meeting will be held on September 22, 2019, the other dates will be coordinated during the year.
Intended Consortium outcomes:
- Learn from field-based work
- Make research recommendations
- Aggregate recommendations for field implementation
- Produce a policy paper

Consortium lectures are available in YouTube (in Hebrew):

Meeting with guests from Shaar Hanegev, Sept.2 26, 2019

Shaar Hanegev 26.9 Shaar Hanegev 26.9.2019A Shaar Hanegev 26.9.2019B