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UNISDR,(2012), How To Make Cities More Resilient/ A Handbook For Local Government Leaders

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United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), (2012). How To Make Cities More Resilient. A Handbook for Local Government Leaders. A contribution to the Global Campaign 2010-2015 - Making Cities Resilient – My City is Getting Ready!, Geneva, March 2012
With over half the world’s population now living in urban areas, making cities safer is a long-term challenge that can be achieved. Cities are engines of national growth and dynamic in their governance systems and capacities. Throughout history, disaster events have disrupted urban life. An extreme and changing climate, earthquakes, and emergencies triggered by man-made hazards are increasingly putting pressure on people and threatening the prosperity of cities. This Handbook for Local Government Leaders provides mayors, governors, councillors and others with a generic framework for risk reduction and points to good practices and tools that are already being applied indifferent cities for that purpose. It responds to the following key questions: WHY building disaster resilience is beneficial; WHAT kind of strategies and actions are required; and HOW to go about the task. Because cities, towns and municipalities differ in size, social, economic and cultural profiles and exposure to risk, each one will approach the tasks differently
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