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Helsloot, I., & Rosenthal, U. (Eds.) (2009). Mega-crisis in the 21st century

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Helsloot, I., & Rosenthal, U. (Eds.) (2009). Mega-crisis in the 21st century. (Magazine National Safety & Security and Crisis Management). Magazine National Safety & Security and Crisis Management: special issue.


The threats we face today are more numerous, more substantial and more complex than ever before. Threats of large-scale violence, such as terrorism and confl icts within and between fragile states augmented by new risks and crises (aff ecting our communications and information technology, food production, new viruses etc.). In comparison with the kinds of disaster we experienced in the past, today’s misfortunes seem to elicit an unprecedented level of uncertainty and an urgent need for government intervention. This calls for policy that is focused on managing these threats to our national security.