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O’Brien & Sygna (2013). Responding to climate change: the three spheres of transformation

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O’Brien, K., & Sygna, L. (2013). Responding to climate change: the three spheres of transformation. Proceedings of Transformation in a Changing Climate, 19-21



In  this  paper,  we  discuss  four  approaches  to  transformation  that  are  currently  visible  in  the  climate change literature. We then synthesize these approaches by presenting a simple framework that focuses on three interacting “spheres” of transformation.  The  three  spheres,  referred  to  as  the  practical, political,  and  personal  spheres,  can  be  used  as  a  tool  for  understanding  how,  why  and  where transformations toward sustainability may take place. We consider where the four approaches fit into this  framework,  paying  particular  attention  to  how  the  relationships  among  the  spheres  together influence outcomes for sustainability.