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Van Munster, Aradau, & Lobo-Guerrero (2008). Security, Technologies of Risk, and the Political

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Van Munster, R., Aradau, C., & Lobo-Guerrero, L. (2008). Security, Technologies of Risk, and the Political: Guest Editors' Introduction. Security Dialogue, 39(2&3), 157-154.‏


From natural disasters and terrorism to health and finance, risk is now everywhere. While risk had long been a problem of thought, from antiquity to modernity (Maso, 2007), its relation to security and politics has now encountered renewed interest. From anthropology and criminology to cultural studies and sociology, the problem of risk has been rendered as the signifier of our present condition (Beck, 1992; Douglas & Wildavsky, 1982;Luhmann, 1991; Foucault, 2007). But, as risks come to constitute more and more areas of social and political life, it is necessary to ask ourselves, echoing Michel Foucault (1997), what difference today introduces with respect to yesterday.