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Lichter & Felsenstein (2014). Coastal Communities under Threat: Comparing Property and Social Exposure

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Lichter, M., & Felsenstein, D. (2014). Coastal Communities under Threat: Comparing Property and Social Exposure. In Geography Research Forum (Vol. 34, pp. 40-58).


We examine the threat to coastal communities from sea level rise and extreme flooding. A distinction is drawn between the exposure of the physical property base of a community and its social composition. We investigate whether any correspondence exists between these two dimensions of vulnerability and whether it holds for both small and large communities. Flood scenarios along the Israeli coast are defined and we look at the resultant property and exposure patterns in communities at different flooding increments. Results are presented for three select inundation increments. Using comparative and graphic methods, we analyze exposure rankings for different communities and property and social exposure at the intra-urban level. We use break point analysis to trace the evolution of community exposure at different flooding increments. We conclude with some cautionary policy implications with respect to opportunities for change in highly exposed communities in the wake of extreme flooding