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Hall et al (2012). Safety and security in tourism: Relationships, management, and marketing.

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Hall, C. M., Timothy, D. J., & Duval, D. T. (2012). Safety and security in tourism: relationships, management, and marketing. Routledge.


The article provides a review of the expansion of the concept of security and the relationship of security to tourism. it is argued that the concept of security has become transformed from one of collective security and common defence to embrace notions of common and co-operative security. Despite the damage done to the concept of collective security because of the United States led invasion of Iraq, the development of common security structures through collective, multilateral frameworks such as the United Nations remains important for the expansion of security concerns to cover the environment, health and economic threats. The article also notes that tourism and supranational tourism organizations have little influence on peace and security agendas although such agendas are important for tourism. Nevertheless, particularly at the micro-level, appropriate tourism development may serve as a means toward off potential future conflict over resource and environmental security.response.